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Keep your team focused and motivated with our culture and behaviour platform. Together we make individual and team development an integrated part of everyday life.

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How does Mindcap work?

Mindcap is a culture and behaviour platform that makes individual and team development an integrated part of everyday life, making sure all elements of your organisation work and perform together.

Mindcap promotes self-leadership and EVERYDAY learning.

Through a customized learning experience and friendly nudges.

Mindcap empowers teams to perform anywhere TOGETHER.

Through common goal-setting and co-created learning journeys.

Mindcap enables your employees to GROW with your company.

Through ongoing insights that help leaders align and grow with their people.

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With Mindcap you make work more meaningful

The whole organisation will be more focused, motivated and work and perform well together.

Here's the problem folks!

Companies don't know how to make work more meaningful

Even if we have all the wellbeing-data in the world, fruit baskets, fancy offices, gym cards, great business ideas, you name it… employees still find themselves lacking motivation for the job that needs to be done since it doesn’t feel meaningful to them. It’s true, google it…

Companies need support to build a culture of high-performing teams

You probably all know someone with bad experiences in teams that under-perform, generating a bad working climate as a devastating effect. And you don’t have to be Einstein to understand the implications that will have on motivation: low engagement and productivity levels.

Companies experience difficulties finding methods to make learning stick

Boy, and then we haven’t even mentioned how hard it is nowadays to secure continuous development or learning for the employees. Have you honestly ever experienced learning that really sticks in the long run?

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Are you and your company suffering from Covid-19 Fatigue?

Do you experience a lack of motivation and engagement within your organisation?

Do you find it difficult to nurture a high-performance culture during lock-down?