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A tool to master energy

Manage energy, not time. That's the key to high performance and personal well-being. Begin 2022 with an energy boosting journey, supported by the mindcap app.

Pulse Surveys

Check-in surveys helps you track your energy journey - individually and as a team (anonymous data!).


Create individual or shared goals with activities, reflections and tasks to help you boost energy.

Personal Insight

Personal insights support your progress and offers you suggestions on helpful focus areas and activities.

Shared Learning

A helpful tool to strengthen the daily dialogue & practice new habits to boost team energy & culture.

Team Insights

A team energy score based on anonymous data provides shared insights and boost shared ownership.

Behavior Nudges

Everyone receives nudges to help reinforce the new ways of acting and thinking in their daily lives.

Energize your team today!

Because it's time to recharge - and grow together!

Boost your team

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DKK 2022 Lifetime deal yearly price (305$ / 272€)
  • Unlimited access
  • Easy onbording and intuitive user interface
  • Full anonymity & data protection

Manage energy, not time!

Start 2022 with an energy boosting journey, alone and with your team, supported by mindcap. 

To bring out the best in your people, you have to help them manage their energy. The mindcap app will guide you to optimize your energy throughout the day and create new habits for better performance & well-being.

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It only takes a minute to sign up but you’ll have a tool to boost energy for a year! Do you have more than one team? No problem. Mindcap is made for multiple teams.

"The more we take responsibility for the energy we bring to the world, the more empowered and productive we become."
“The Power of Full Engagement,” authors Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz

Goal creation is a powerful tool!

Goal setting creates ownership, focus and motivation. If you do it as a team it adds commitment and support. 

With mindcap everyone in the team can take the lead and create a learning journey to reach a personal or shared goal.

Don’t miss this deal on an easy to use app that promotes self-leadership and team collaboration – as well as helping leaders align with their teams.

Get the power of full engagement!

You can not get more time in the day, but you can manage your energy so that you spend your time more efficiently.

Full Engagement is all about your energy. When you work on your 4 energies you play yourself and your team stronger.

  • Physical energy is the foundation.
  • Emotional energy is about positive versus negative emotions.
  • Mental energy is about focus.
  • Spiritual energy is about strength.

With insights, micro-actions and nudging, mindcap helps you optimize your energy throughout the day and create habits and patterns to restore your energy.

Get the power of Full Engagement!

It only takes a minute to sign up - and about the same to start using mindcap. Welcome to Mindcap! 

The power of teams!

To create a winning culture based on well-being and performance you need to make it a shared responsibility.

Mindcap help leaders align with their teams.  And guides you and your team on an energy boosting journey to thrive as a team in the new year – filled up with good energy!

Say YES and get a simple but highly intelligent, helpful tool, that integrates easy ways to boost energy and performance into everyday life.

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"Mindcap is the tool that helps to fulfill the potential I want people to have out of the courses that I offer. Mindcap supports that things actually happen in your reality and your everyday life."
Jacob Lindeblad, Owner, Lindeblad Aps

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