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7 check-out tips for the summer

Are you thinking of skipping the summer break, checking your email during the break or maybe bringing your work to the annual family vacation? The answer is simple – Don’t!  The pandemic has affected us all, not just on a personal level, most companies and teams are still affected by

Meet the team

Meet Alex, UX Researcher

Tell us, who is Alex? I was born and raised in Nordsjælland. I studied communication at Aalborg university, where I lived in both Aalborg and Copenhagen. I did internships towards Salesforce and tried to embrace the whole IT-consultant world before I got into Mindcap and found passion within the field

Meet the team

Meet Kitija, Multimedia Designer

Tell us, who is Kitija? My name is Kitija and I am very thrilled to be part of Mindap’s journey as a Multimedia designer (Video Content Creation). I think this is something the world desperately needs (even if it doesn’t know it yet). I am a Service Management graduate with

Meet the team

Meet Katja, Learning Architect

Tell us, who is Katja? My name is Katja and I’m 27 years old. I have a master’s degree in educational psychology, specialized in the field of organizational psychology. Ever since I can remember I’ve always been passionate about development, both my own personal and professional, but also helping the

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