In August 2019 200 CEOs of America’s largest corporations announced that the purpose of a corporation should no longer be just about profit and putting shareholders first. The future of work is about nurturing your stakeholders; your customers, communities, suppliers and last but not least your employees!

Mindcap is built on this future work philosophy. Therefore we help you integrate wellbeing and performance into the root of your company and gear up for the future of work to outperform your competitors and unleash the full potential of your employees.

Mindcap replaces the annual wellbeing/pulse surveys with an ongoing process that combines individual wellbeing and performance and converts data into action on a daily basis. Minimizing administration, increasing relevance and multiplying the efforts and ROI on wellbeing tools and programs.

Our AI-powered pocket tool makes people development and employee satisfaction an integrated part of the company workday and you will have the ability to leverage commitment, engagement and employee turnover. We use hard data to drive behavioral change and make learning stick. We serve information in bits and bites, for you to adapt and integrate it in everyday life and train new behaviors through longer periods of time for a sustainable change.

Mindcap is convinced that as the individual employee will grow, so will the teams, the company and scientifically proven; The profits. 

Use Mindcap and share responsibility of wellbeing and personal development between leaders and employees

Give leaders access to real-time data in their team and empower them to take action and affect the team culture and behaviour

Use Mindcap to create a connected team experience in a remote work culture post COVID-19

Mindcap AI is built on Privacy Blockchain to protect and secure your data. We offer 100 percent anonymity on data and our solution is designed to address regulatory requirements including the GDPR.

Use Mindcap to ensure relevant and highly personalized support to each individual employee in your organisation

Make learning an integrated and ongoing focus in your company culture with personal and self-driven learning journeys – For employees and leaders.

Advanced statistics and real time predictions allow leaders to help where it’s most needed from day to day, and tap into the future of business intelligence and people development.

Boost a sense of shared ownership of creating a winning culture with team goals and team nudges

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