Make individual and team development an integrated part of everyday life

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What is Mindcap?

Mindcap is a culture and behaviour platform that makes individual and team development an integrated part of everyday life, making sure all elements of your organisation work and perform together.

Mindcap promotes self-leadership and EVERYDAY learning.

Through a customized learning experience and friendly nudges.

Mindcap empowers teams to perform anywhere TOGETHER.

Through common goal-setting and co-created learning journeys.

Mindcap enables your employees to GROW with your company.

Through ongoing insights that help leaders align and grow with their people.

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Keep focus and boost your motivation and energy
with Mindcap culture and behaviour platform.
Promote personal development and everyday learning
through customized learning experiences and friendly nudges.

Personal learning journeys


Mindcap promotes personal development, boosts your energy levels and empowers you to make a difference; online and offline.

"Mindcap is a whole new working philosophy and culture, that crosses best agile practices, rewards and strengthens professionals potential, in a human-centric SaaS platform."

Michele Cimmino
Software Architect and Full Stack Developer, Lasting Dynamics SRL
With Mindcap you make work more meaningful

The whole organisation will be more focused, motivated and work and perform well together.

Down to business

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Personal development and self-leadership
user/ month
  • Personal Development:
  • Personal Profile
  • Learning journeys
  • Behavioural nudges
  • Insights:
  • Aggregated team data
  • Aggregated values


Building relationships and team performance
user/ month
  • All Core features +
  • Relationships:
  • Behavioural profile
  • Buddy feature
  • Performance:
  • Shared Team goals
  • Behavioral nudges
  • Data:
  • Segmentation
  • Statistics
  • Predictions


Bring your own voice and turn strategy into change
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  • All Crew features +
  • Voice:
  • Push Surveys
  • Customizable library
  • Values:
  • Create your own values, subjects and surveys
  • Convert them to everyday actions

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