Mindcap empowers self-leadership through insights and personalized learning journeys

Make wellbeing and learning an integrated part of your everyday life with Mindcap at your fingertips.

We give employees a bigger role in their own wellbeing and development by making personal meaning, a key driver to enhancing performance. 

Get real-time insights into your wellbeing and personal development with Mindcap dashboards.

Take surveys that are tailored to you based on personal drivers and challenges, and experience how your answers are not just data for leaders, but used in your future development.

Experience how Mindcap expands your self-awareness through insights, questions, knowledge and nudges. 

Use Mindcap to set development goals and set up personal learning journeys that help you grow competences and develop behaviors that support your wellbeing and make you grow and perform.

Use Mindcap as the “Pocket coach” that helps you pause, breathe and reflect on what really matters in your (work) life and how you can achieve it.

And you are always 100% anonymous to everyone else. Only you can see your own answers, and you and your team (including leaders) have access to the same aggregated and anonymised data.

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Mindcap makes wellbeing and learning personal, relevant and more fun because it is self-driven and we always provide a personal user experience. Use Mindcap and discover your new favourite life-tool!

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