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Mindcap ME is a unique AI tool to empower personal development, improve or acquire new competences and gradually work your way towards a better quality of life. Mindcap ME is free up until 5 team members.

Mindcap Business is Everything in Mindcap ME and added features for teams and organizations to connect wellbeing with performance in Realtime. Mindcap Business also gives access to our webportal as well as our implementation and retention services. It cost money.

You get questions and answer surveys, accept or find a goal from mindcap, maybe create your own, and perform the day to day actions you are being served. You will focus on what you want to achieve, maximum 2 things at the time and allow yourself to get out of your comfort zone. All long term gains come with a short term sacrifice of some sort, so be honest and committed, and you will see results.
And remember, the REAL result is progress. Not the final destination. The longer you use Mindcap the more you get out of it.

This feature is restricted for Mindcap ME users and owners of a Business solution. If you are a Mindcap ME user and not a member of a company, you go to the team tab, and click on invite in the bottom right corner. Insert an email for your colleague or friend and press send. They will then have to download the app and enter the key which is in the invitation they receive. Once they logged in, they will become a member of your team.

Not as an individual user at the moment. As an HR or Business Owner you have access to our Web portal to administrate your workforce or look at anonymised aggregated data with advanced filters in our statistics module.

Only you. And we are very serious about this part. You are 100% anonymous, and only you can see the answers. We show aggregated data on a team level, and all scores are based on the last 60 days, weighed by drivers, other responses and finally our AI in order to blur any direct answers.
We want you to be safe and give and trust us to give honest answers. That way we can shelp you where it adds most value.


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