HR & People Development

The traditional way of making people motivated and engaged at work is broken. Badly broken.

Processes are often outdated, time consuming and heavy in administration, not allowing people, leaders and HR to do what they really want. Data is being gathered, but lack of focus, qualifications, processes, old habits and trust accumulate into delayed actions with little or no effect when it comes to creating high performing and welcoming cultures.

What happens with the survey data about engagement in your organisation? Is it used with a 3 months delay, or maybe not used at all?

Mindcap offers an alternative to the old way.
A new way of combining wellbeing with development and making it an ongoing and shared focus for each employee and team. Allowing HR to work with development and performance and less with administration.

Mindcap puts people first and converts data into personalized insights, actions and behavioural change, in order to add more meaning to job-task, work and life in general for each individual.

Allow everyone to be a part of creating the future of work through a personal approach.

Get real-time data on teams across your organization and get valuable insight on wellbeing, key employee drivers and team performance culture

Reduce administrative tasks on traditional wellbeing surveys and get data in real-time

Use Mindcap’s advanced statistics and segment data on team, tenure, age, line management, geography and more

Plug and play. Easy to implement and use from day one.

Experience how Mindcap expands self-awareness for the individual and in teams through insights, questions, knowledge and nudges.

Give leaders access to real-time data in their team and empower them to take action and affect the team culture and behaviour

Make learning an ongoing focus with mindcap goals, team nudges and personal learning journeys

Go pro and create your own categories, questions or goals and push them to a specific team, the whole organization or selected leaders.

Advanced reporting, also in PDF and APV generation

API Integration with HRM/ERM, D-365, Calendars and PM tools.

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