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68% of companies

lack a detailed plan for hybrid work

Source: McKinsey, 2021

Haven’t started thinking: 4%

Some concepts being discussed but no aligned vision or plan: 32%

High-level vision being aligned among top team: 32%

Detailed vision in place and aligned but not communicated: 21%

Detailed vision in place / communicated, pilots started: 11%

Keep your team connected

Mindcap for hybrid work

More effective conversations

Creating new structures and traditions

Driving results remotely

Creating a sense of

Connecting with your employees


Boost your team performance

Strengthen your team energy

Create a better hybrid world in your team

Maybe you already have a hybrid work culture where people thrive and perform at their best or maybe you’re on the edge of experimenting with how hybrid work can function in your team. With Mindcap’s hybrid work package you continuously stay one step ahead of developing your team in a hybrid world, where you work and perform together

Hybrid work is about blended workforce

Working remotely, virtually, and combining onsite and offsite workers in the same team, while keeping a sense of belonging and creating a culture that reaches everyone.

Hybrid Work is inevitable
But Leaders are out of touch with employees and need a wake up call.

Source: Microsoft 2021

Mindcap’s hybrid work package provides inspiration, tools and knowledge that empower both the leaders and employees to create a hybrid work culture where teams and individuals thrive and perform together.

Erik Korsvik Østergaard

Rhythms and Traditions

Including this and 15 other learning journeys, we don’t just inspire. We train new habits in the hybrid world.

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