Unleash the full potential in all of your employees.

Mindcap is an AI tool that supports you as a strong, inspirational leader. Creating trust and commitment within your team, and empowering every one of your employees to take meaningful actions in their everyday life.

What is it?
What is it?

A personal pocket coach (an app) for all employees combining personal wellbeing with learning and development to increase personal and team performance through meaningful everyday activities.

Real Time Insights

Mindcap delivers real time insights into wellbeing and performance parameters on a personal dashboard to each employee, visualizing the past and present in order to allow them to influence the future. Employee answers are 100% anonymous.

Shared Dashboards

Everyone, including you as a leader, has access to the same aggregated team dashboard, and equal opportunities to take action and affect the team culture and behaviour.

Take everyday action through team goals.

Choose an area, create a goal with the team, and let everyone spend 3 minutes on creating their individual input. The result is a learning journey with personal ownership delivered as every day hacks to each employee, addressing the chosen area.

Ongoing Employee Learning

All Employees (and you) can at any time use Mindcap’s personal learning journeys and feedback loops to ensure that insights turn into behavioural change through everyday hacks.

The invisible coach

Our AI takes each team member’s individual drivers and focus areas, combines them with insight into the team, and turns them into everyday actions and hacks to promote a culture that is more inclusive and meaningful for all.

The Outcome

For your team:

Improved awareness and knowledge on personal and team wellbeing and performance factors.

Better individual and team performance.

Increased ownership and engagement of employees.

A stronger and proactive culture with improved internal communication.

For you as a leader

No more time spent on ineffective and soon to be forgotten wellbeing surveys or workshops and reviews.

More time for your core tasks through a shared ownership on wellbeing.

Personal Development of your leadership and people skills through learning journeys.

Ultimately a better performing and more connected team delivering better results. Isn’t that what you really want?

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