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Meaning & Purpose

Our own meaningful actions

Our purpose is to make work more meaningful

In Mindcap, we know that adding meaning and purpose to your work life increases your motivation, engagement and performance. We take our own medicine: we are organized by talents and strengths, self-leadership is key, we have fluid work structures where team performance is crucial, and we have an agile and ongoing people development strategy.


The creation of Mindcap

In 2018 one of our founders Natacha were on maternity leave spending time with her baby girl Saga. Natacha and Saga was enjoying their time together as well as the warmer breeze the spring sometimes can give you in the Nordics. As a “professional” maternity mom she spent time with friends drinking coffee and sharing the latest news from their lives. During these social hours too many friends and acquaintances told Natacha that they were on sick leave due to stress. Most were off work for a few weeks. Two close friends were home for more than 7 months. All of them started to see a psychologist.
Having a natural interest in people development combined with her own experience with psychologists, she started to look into how much “chemistry” with your psychologist affects the success rate of quick recovery. This quest turned into many interviews with psychologists, people who suffered or had suffered from stress and company leaders and HR professionals that had experienced people leaving because of burnout.
There was a lot of repetition in the answers she received and the answers changed her focus.

Psychologists said: “We spend just as much time talking with our clients about how to deal with their colleagues and leaders as we do on getting them back in shape”

Leaders and HR said: “We didn’t see it coming. It is difficult to spot the signs and I believe a lot has to do with their private lives”

People said: “I saw the signs to late and it was difficult for me to take action and speak up about the things that caused my stress symptoms”

From focusing on RECOVERY, Natacha started to look into PREVENTION

She involved her husband, Mikkel Gade, who is a tech-nerd and entrepreneur, and they were led into a world of annual well-being surveys, pulse questions and a time consuming follow-up exercise that often fell short in meeting the expectations of creating real change! They dived deep into science of questions-fatigue, meaningfulness, motivation, performance and brain research. TWO questions lighted up

WHY is wellbeing not the basis of people development when we know that a HAPPY brain is more innovative and productive.

WHY do we not have a more personal approach to wellbeing and development when we know that personal MEANING boost motivation.

MINDCAP was now under the making … and is now an AI powered wellbeing & performance platform empowering meaningful everyday actions.

Our beliefs define us

Learn About our way of working


We built our team with TRUST and FREEDOM


We build our solution with COURAGE and “NERDERY


We meet our customers with INTEGRITY and CURIOSITY

Work with integrity

We meet our customers with integrity meaning that we walk the talk and take honour in being always being accountable, responsible and truthful. 

Be curious

We are curious and therefore always asking open questions and listen actively to learn more about people and to be able to create even better notes. 


Lead With Trust​

We trust each other because we know each other. Not just as colleagues but as humans. We invest in our relations and prioritise time together in different settings such as team kick offs, nature walks, sailing, climbing trees and much more. We trust that you deliver results and raise your voice when you need help

Live & Work With Freedom​

We believe in being our true self at work and children are welcome at the office. Pausing and restitution are cornerstones in high performance, so of course we offer a 4 day workweek. We believe in results. Whether they are delivered from your home, a cafe or in a co-working. Flexibility is freedom in your (work)life. 

Be Courageous​

We strive to always be courageous. To say out loud the crazy thoughts, look into the future, and to take a chance on a new idea. That is how we stay the best. We have each others back and cherish the support from others to help us grow and learn.

Be A Nerd​

We work with nerds. And love it. Culture nerds, software nerds, design nerds, people nerds, markering nerds. Nerds in different shapes and colours, all people that are dedicated and strive to be the best in their specific field. 

Tribe Members

The strong people in the tribe

Natacha Vinding

Founder & Learning / Culture Guru

A people nerd with a passion for creating meaningful learning experiences. Believing that individual differences and personal drivers is the key to high performance.

Mikkel Gade


Changing the world one holistic idea at the time. Passionated about doing the right thing, breaking barriers and learning more.

Louise Sparf

Co-founder & Chief ECOSYSTEM officer

Conscious leader with a passion for People & Tech. Bringing energy and empathy into the team and securing the well-being of the ecosystem. 

Patricia Möller


Nini Wodecki

Head of design and visuals

A Prague based Danish designer with roots in sunny Provence. I thrive in translating multifaceted information into fluid designs.

Alexander Vinding

digital Coordinator

Curious about what makes people go do and reflect in Real-life to promote a long term improvement of their life quality.

Katja Kirsten Løje

Learning Architect

Karan Khosla

Project manager

Project manager and marketing assistent with a curious mind who likes to learn new things and pay it forward

Michele Cimmino

CTO & Software engineer