Our Quest

make work meaningful

QUEST no. 1

Make people thrive

The traditional way of making people motivated and engaged at work is broken. Badly broken. HR processes and work structures are outdated, time consuming and characterised by inertia, bureaucracy and sluggishness. It frustrates and it disengages your employees.

85 percent of employees are disengaged
74 percent don’t believe that they fulfil their full potential at work
50 percent don't believe their workplace can build a commitment-driven culture
46 percent of employees will not recommend their workplace to others
37 percent believe their job makes no useful contribution to society
23 percent feel burned out often or always because of work..

Make people perform

Tons of money and resources are spent yearly on well-being surveys, stress management, career strategies and development plans. But the well-meaning efforts to engage employees often fail. They do not bring commitment up, nor the levels of stress down.

Why? Because the natural dynamics and openhearted dialogues around employee development are reduced to checklists, structured training programs with no lasting change in behaviour and annual interviews with a locked course catalog. 

Only 20% are motivated to answer annual wellbeing surveys

Only 12% apply learning from traditional training in structured programs

Purpose and meaning gives people the energy, passion and motivation to get out of bed in the morning and perform at their best.
quest no. 3

Make change, not data

Mindcap is an AI-powered pocket tool that makes individual and team development an integrated part of everyday life – powered by personalized insights and self-driven learning.

93 percent are more engaged when employees experience a high degree of meaning in their work-life design.

+ $9061 per employee/year is what Harvard finds companies earn extra by creating meaning for their employees.

7.4 months is how much longer employees stay in their current job when experiencing meaning.

Mindcap combines practical insights with academic findings for you to improve or acquire new competences and gradually work your way towards a better quality of life.

Mindcap uses hard data to drive behavioural change and make learning stick. We serve information in bits and bites, for you to adapt and integrate it in everyday life and train new behaviours through longer periods of time for a sustainable change.

quest no. 4

Make people software

The Mindcap AI takes people seriously. It only works with honest answers so it is able to suggest the right paths to follow. 

Our AI asks the right questions and delivers the right life hacks, just at the right time when it’s convenient and beneficial for your personal growth and sense of purpose.

Our AI already knows that data without action is a waste of time, and if you don’t commit and focus, you are the first one to miss out.

The Mindcap AI is built on Privacy Blockchain to maximize individual trust and to give each user 100 percent ownership, security and access to their own data.

80% of answers in yearly wellbeing surveys don’t meet req. for Machine Learning and Business Intelligence.
(data-validity is too low, as respondents lack motivation, and patterns suggest guessing)

QUEST no. 5

Make The Future of Work

Mindcap truly believes that the future of work is about ownership, commitment, purpose and engaged employees who fulfill their full potential at work.

With a BIG FAT GRIN on their face.

In a workplace that cultivates a people-centered, sustainable and purpose driven culture.

Mindcap is convinced that as the individual employee will grow, so will the teams, the company and scientifically proven; the profits. Organizations with high employee satisfaction, high trust and commitment have 21 percent higher profitability, 10-15 percent profit growth, and Teams have 21 percent higher productivity. These organizations also tend to have a clear purpose, less bureaucracy and a low level of stress-related and burned out employees. 

The Future of Work is a goodbye to the traditional management principles allowing a new era where people management (wellbeing, performance, learning and education) is integrated into the core of the business, starting with the purpose and commitment.

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