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Personal development and self-leadership
user/ month
  • Personal Development:
  • Personal Profile
  • Learning journeys
  • Behavioural nudges
  • Insights:
  • Aggregated team data
  • Aggregated values


Building relationships and team performance
user/ month
  • All Core features +
  • Relationships:
  • Behavioural profile
  • Buddy feature
  • Performance:
  • Shared Team goals
  • Behavioral nudges
  • Data:
  • Segmentation
  • Statistics
  • Predictions


Bring your own voice and turn strategy into change
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  • All Crew features +
  • Voice:
  • Push Surveys
  • Customizable library
  • Values:
  • Create your own values, subjects and surveys
  • Convert them to everyday actions

Our 3 most popular solutions


In this package, we focus on promoting self-leadership and everyday behavioural nudges to make work more meaningful. Core is the optimal solution for individuals and start-ups focusing on intrapersonal development rather than team performance.


This package is all about team goals and team performance. You will get all the help you need to empower your teams to perform even better together. Interpersonal development is key in the Crew deal and the perfect fit for small to medium-sized organizations.  And of course, Core is also included, making this the perfect solution for companies wanting to focus on both intra- as well as interpersonal development.


This is our white-label solution where you can bring your own voice and turn strategy into change. You will enable your employees to grow with the company and have your own company-specific surveys designed and conducted. Work on your value-proposition and of course, both Core and Crew are included in this package.

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