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We build our questions and content on knowledge from the past, present and future.

We want to deliver the best and that is why we combine thoughts of great thinkers from the past, academic research and practical knowledge from the present and predictions and trends of the future. 

Below you’ll find a long list of references which we whole-heartedly recommend to anyone who is interested in diving even deeper.

Inspirational reading

Tony Schwartz

The power of full engagement

N. Forsgren, J. Humble and G. Kim

Accelerate: Building and Scaling high performing technology organizations, 2018

M. Hayes, F. Chumney, C. Wright and M. Buckingham

The Global Study of Engagement. ADPRI, 2018

Bent Kock Nielsen & Morten Dohrmann Hansen

Teams - Når mennesker skal lykkes - sammen

L. Goler, J. Gale, B. Harrington and A. Grant

The 3 Things Employees Really Want: Career, Community, Cause. Harvard Business Review, 2018

Allan Drexler & David Sibbet

Team Performance Model Framework

A. Chamberlain

Does Company Culture Pay off? Glassdoor, 2015

Tony Schwartz


J. Hope and R. Fraser

Beyond Budgeting: How Managers Can Break Free from the Annual Performance Trap, Harvard Business Review Press, 2003

J. Minnaar, P. De Morree

Corporate Rebels, Make Work More Fun, 2019

Gallup 2013

Worldwide, 13% of Employees are engaged at work

Dr. Lila Davachi, Dr. Tobias Kiefer, Dr. David Rock and Lisa Rock

Learning that lasts through AGES, 2010

Patrick Lencioni

Five Behavior of a Cohesive Team

Brad Stulberg & Steve Magness

Peak Performance, Elevate your game, avoid burnout, and thrive with the new science of success

Daniel H. Pink

Drive, the surprising truth about what motivates us

Bjarne Graven Larsen

Vinderkultur, resultater kan ikke planlægges... præstationer kan

Rasmus Ankersen

Sult i Paradis, opgøret med mageligheden

Dr. Mark Scullard

The Invisible Drain on Your Company’s Culture

Brené Brown

DAre to lead, 2018

Axel Horneth

Kamp om anderkendelse

Erik Korsvik Østergaard

TEAL DOTS in an orange world: how to organize the workplace of the future, 2019

Jeffrey Sugerman, Mark Scullard, Emma Wilhelm

The 8 Dimensions of Leadership

Gitte Haslebo

Relationer i organisationer, en verden til forskel

Giles Hutchins & Laura Storm

regenertive leadership. The dna of life-affirming 21st century organizations, 2019

Christina Maslach & Michael Leither

understanding burnout: New Models, 2018

Frederic Laloux

Reinventing organizations, 2014

Perry Timms

The energized workplace: designing organisations where people flourish, 2020

Morten Albæk

ét Liv, én tid, ét menneske

Inspirational thinking

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Holacracy thinking
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Sociocracy thinking

Our heroes

Daniel H. Pink

One of the world’s leading thinkers on business and behaviour, Daniel H. Pink pushes traditional thinking on how to motivate people and drive engagement.

Carol Dweck

The mother of “Growth and fixed mindset” offer insightful contributions in understanding how self-conceptions guide people behavior with a focus on learning, motivation and achievement.

Robert Kegan

An American developmental psychologist that inspires the world with his research within adult learning, adult development and professional development. 

Simon Sinek

Famous for inspiring the world with his concept of WHY, Simon Sinek shares his thoughts on how to create a better working world focusing on leadership behaviour, company culture and the importance of purpose. 


An influential business thinker and management “innovator”. He formulates provocative pointers and describe new mindsets for succeeding in tomorrow’s business environment.

Our grandfathers


Ryan & Deci

Theory of basic values


motivationsteori, 2-faktor modellen



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