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Mindcap provides inspiration, tools and knowledge that empower both leaders and employees to create a culture where teams and individuals thrive and perform together.

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Mindcap is a people and performance tool designed to keep your teams happy and motivated. We deliver insights, tools and knowledge empowering teams and individuals to increase productivity, learning and team wellbeing.

Our clients are already reaping the benefits of making work meaningful
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need to improve collaboration
An overwhelming 93% of companies report they need to improve collaboration with different groups. 

Tech Clarity 2020
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list their team as top incentive
37% of employees say “working with a great team” is their primary reason for staying.


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More effective conversations

Track and collaborate on goals

Creating new structures and traditions

Create a sense of belonging

Boost your team productivity

Strengthen your team energy


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Download the free trial

Or download our booklet on hacking your team performance.

Develop your team culture to scale your business

Mindcap supports your team, project team, and management team. We make it possible for your team to perform together – no matter where you are and how you work. With more than 40 learning journeys, we don’t just inspire – we train new habits that result in higher levels of team performance.

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We provide knowledge and tools substantiated by the newest research and in collaboration with skillful experts.

Featuring Erik Korsvik Østergaard in Rhythms and Traditions

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Forward-thinking companies know that team culture is the competitive advantage. Do you want to empower your team for greatness?

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